Village of Sanctuary was set up to enable people of goodwill in and around our fortunate community in the middle of East Sussex to answer the question: What can we do to help refugees?.

We want East Sussex to be a welcoming home for refugees who make it to this country. We campaign for generous treatment towards refugees by national and local authorities. We collect donations of goods and money to meet the needs of refugees both here and in desperate straits in other countries.

If these aims and approach go some way to answering that question for you, why not join us?

East Hoathly and Halland Village of Sanctuary is a community organisation of volunteers, with a constitution, overseen by a management committee drawn from the members, with proper insurance, treasury and banking. We are proud to be affiliated to the national charity City of Sanctuary



Here are a selection of documents available for Download

Whom we help

Our first aim, of welcoming refugees to this country and our communities in particular, is pursued mainly by providing volunteers and funds to help local resettled families. We have also organised parties to make resettled families feel welcome. In addition, we raise money to help refugees at risk, donated via hands-on charities, such as:


Visit Gatwick Detainee Welfare Group


Visit The White Helmets Website